Tractor Carrier

11.0 T (Approx)
All steel welded construction. 2 Nos Main longitudinal members are high strength lighter weight Parallel Flange Beam of IS2062 or Equivalent grade steel running along full length of the trailer. Cross members - Rolled or Folded of material IS-2062 are positioned at suitable locations.
3 mm thk MS perforated sheet platform along the length of track. 2 mm thk MS chequered sheet at middle and sides of the track. Wire mesh shall be provided on sides up to the height of upper deck.
Side pillars are provided with facility to lift or tilt upper deck for loading and unloading of tractors. Pillars are designed to support loaded upper deck while transportation
2 Platform constructions, hydraulic cylinder operated for flexibility in multiple Tractor loading.
3 mm thk MS perforated sheet platform along the length of track.
2 mm thk MS chequered sheet at other locations.
Conventional hydraulic kit powered with battery. Well-designed hydraulic circuit with high quality equipment and accessories. The wet kit shall include hydraulic tank, DC Valve, Relief Valve and Return line filter.
Max Working pressure 170 Bar.
Hydraulically operated loading ramp are provided for Loading / unloading of tractors.
Tubular construction with 3.0 mm perforated sheet to avoid slipping of tyres.
2” king pin equivalent to IS: 6763 Part I provided
2 Nos. Heavy duty Axle Shall be provided
Heavy duty Tandem axle leaf spring suspension with load equalizing brackets.
10.00 X 20 – 08 Nos.
7.50 x 20 – 08 Nos.
Twin line air brake system coupled to tractor brake system.
Trailer brakes are actuated from tractor.
T24 brake chamber shall be provided on all axles.
24 V DC electrical include tail lamp, brake lamp and direction indicator lamps fitted at rear end of trailer.
Side Marker lamps shall be provided on both sides.
Trailer surface shall be Shot blasted and cleaned.
2 coats of mono coat finish paint with colour of customer choice.
Fitments such as tool box, spare wheel carrier shall be provided.
Reflectors on both sides and rear shall be provided as per CMVR.