Car Carrier

11.0 T (Approx)
Two main beam of ISMB 250 suitable structured with crossmember 2.5 mm perforated sheet for car movement & 2mm punched sheet for walkway.
Movable middle deck made out of rectangular tube suitably structure with crossmembers and 2.5mm perforated sheet for car movement & 2mm punched sheet for walk ways.
Fixed deck in the front provided above goose neck with suitable structure & 2.5mm perforated sheet for car movement & 2mm punched sheet for walk way.
Rear door is also used as loading ramp when opened. The same is provided with 2.5mm perforated sheet for car loading.
Total vehicle is being customized for safe car movement.
Sides are of 1mm (19 Gauge) corrugated sheet suitably structured for stability of box to take torsion load.
Roof is of 1.2mm (18 gauge) corrugated sheet with dome shapes.
Container provided with 3 sides door for inspection, man enter & hydraulics operation in lower deck. One sliding window for inspection protected on the top deck.
2Nos. single tyre fitment wider track axle provided with suitable with 8 leaves suspension.
24 V power pack provided on the trailer operable from tractor battery with suitable socket. Middle Deck provide with 2 Nos. heavy cylinder to lift the deck with car.
Rear door provided with 2Nos.hydraulics cylinder for operation.Entire power pack & cylinder routed with hydraulic seamless pipe & hoses. Operated with spool valve for middle deck & rear door.
Dental hydraulic (or) Equivalent.
Dual line air brakes system provided with PU hoses and “webco” RE6 valve. 4 nos. type 24 brake chambers provided for braking.
10x20 -R16- 4 Nos. tyre Make – CEAT HCL SUPER / NYLON / LUG
7.50x20 – 4 Nos. wheels’ rim.
Make -Kalyani/steels strip/AMW.
Trailer provided with 2 Nos. tail lamp/10nos. side markers/indicators lamps, 2nos. roof mark lamp on the outside, sides provided with yellow reflected tape & rear with Red reflected tap. And 8 Nos. light provided with suitable illumination inside the container with suitable wiring harness.
Trailer chassis/Middle deck/front deck, shot Blasting & painted with epoxy paint.
Side sheet checked with cold phosphating painted.
Outside body paint with NP brown & white strip.
Inside Painted with yellow color for better finishing.
Spare Wheel Carrier.
Manual Landing Legs.
Tools box.
32 Nos. tyre stoppers.
Tyre Stopper/lashing belt holder.
Key box.
Display board.
Axes ladder internal & external.
Rear camera fitment provision.